Getting back into the swing of things

by kencrossfit

I’ve been on hiatus from Crossfit due to the following reasons:

Transition to a new position at work (from RSAM support to FA/ Fleet/ Clearwell/ iVOS support)

Various health issues:

-At first it was my shoulder

-Now my shoulder is fine, but then I had all sorts of SKIN issues

-Now I’m experiencing INFLAMMATION throughout my body…my joints, my tongue, my sinuses, my eyeballs…everything feels INFLAMED and I get a HEADACHE every time I work out.

-After the last heavy deadlift, I experienced dizziness and recurring headaches, so i went to the ER and got a CT scan with and without contrast…(I was worried that I had a ruptured aneurysm, or an UN-ruptured aneurysm…either one is really really bad) turns out I was completely fine, and the doctor told me that I was cleared to continue crossfit, BUT she recomended that I do squats, and NOT do heavy deadlifts…she said that squats are more anotomical than deadlifts…



SO anyways, I’m trying to get back into crossfit, after a long hiatus…I’m going to try to go at least 3-4 times a week…



Today the WOD was

3-4 ruounds of the following:

10 Clean and Jerks with Dumb-bells

50 double-unders


I did three rounds in 12 minutes, counting double under singles and double under attempts…



“For every hour spend training, you should spend an hour doing mobility exercises and mobility stretches…to keep your body flexible and capable of performing crossfit movements correctly and efficiently to prevent injury” – DCF trainer Ben Weiss


New Mobility WOD I learned today

Roll out your ankle on the kettlebell, starting at the achilles heel and working your way up your leg to the calf level.  Try to put a lot of pressure and weight on your ankle by putting your other leg on it….

THEN, standup and step on the kettlebell to get a good stretch on your calf and ankle.  Keep your leg STRAIGHT….


then  bend your knee and lean forward to get a stretch in your ANKLE instead of your calf….



These kettlebell ankle mobility stretches will help with SQUAT mobility…