Crossfit GOALS

by kencrossfit

1. Learn and USE the 6 key mobility WOD’s (according to DCF blog on 6/28/2012, these are 6 key mob wod’s everyone should know:


2. Try FRAN for my initial benchmark time sometime before the wedding . (9/29/2012)

3. Talk to Max Aita about the correct way to BREATHE during heavy powerlifts and heavy oly lifts….When I did my heavy deadlift on 6/8/2012….I HELD my breath the whole time on my way up, and something POPPED in my head…I instantly felt DIZZY and had a splitting headache….And like I said, I had a CT scan that confirmed that I didn’t have an aneurysm…

  1. Should I hold my breath when I do heavy lifts?
  2. Should I even be WORRIED about anerysums? Considering I have high blood pressure?
  3. Do you breathe the same way for ALL lifts? the 3 powerlifts and the 2 oly lifts?


-Stay CALM…lower your blood pressure

Eat more vegetables, and less meat….I’m on a nutritarian/ paleo lite diet….more kale, more veggies, more fruits, less meat.

-keep my SHOULDER healthy