Row’d Kill

by kencrossfit

Rowd kill
A position
-back straight up
Don’t lean back as you pull
Keep knees straight don’t push knees out like when u squat

When u pull back keep ur elbows back behind u

As soon as u hit ur sternum quickly snap it back and pull it down on ur way back, then bend ur knees

Bar shouldn’t touch ur knees ever

250m in 14 strokes should be ur goal…I got 152m in 14 strokes PR

Rowd kill WOD;

Time Interval: 20 Seconds of rowing, 10 seconds of rest for 10 rounds…this really gassed me, especially the last 2 rounds.  My feet swelled up and felt numb, and my legs were tingly…felt good.  felt like I got hit hard with a MET CON….highest was 93M, lowest 82m

MAX Deadlift today was 265…so weak.  My head got really lightheaded and I felt dizzy so I stopped.