by kencrossfit

jones squat (put bands around a squat rack, then wrap them around your knees)
keep toes pointed FORWARD when doing HEAVY SQUATS
take a deep breath in and say “HYUP” and HOLD the breath as you go down.
go down fast and EXPLODE on the way up
keep your CHEST UP while doing squats.
don’t “collapse” into a good morning position.
Keep your chest up
try to make your knees go OUTWARD as you go down and up, while keeping your toes pointed forward

Do squats close to the bar, don’t waste any energy carrying the bar away and to the rack.

When racking the bar, RUN FORWARD and make the rack tilt forward, just to be safe.

ACTIVE HIPS means keeping your chest up, holding your breath, and squeezing your butt and abs