Snatch tips from Margeaux at DCF

by kencrossfit

1)start slow, like a deadlift (I was RIPPING the bar off the floor, but I should be going up slowly)
2) When the bar is over the knees then EXPLODE!
3) While exploding, Pull the bar TOWARDS yourself with elbows up higher than bar (The trajectory of the bar should be CLOSE to your body, and you should get under it as you make a “jump” noise
4)The jump as u catch the bar over you
5)Make sure to turn the wrists as you catch it…so in ne quick motion as u slam ur feet on the ground, ur palms face behind u, then they face the ceiling……so in other words, don’t MUSCLE it up.  Don’t use your arms to flips the bar up…use the explosiveness of your hips, and get under the bar

My weakness is overhead squats…I should work on more of these…