Manny Bakis – Shoulder Advice

by kencrossfit

New PR’s!!!


1 mile for time: 7:40 (7 minutes, 40 seconds)

High Bar Back Squat: 203 lbs (Did 2 reps then BAILED on the 3rd rep)


Also met Physical Therapist Manny Bakis, who gave me some GREAT advice on strengthening my shoulders to make up for a weak, torn labrum…this is what he told me:


2012 may 10
Manny Bakis Doctorate of Physical therapy

Do I need surgery? NO but I NEED to keep my rotator cuff STRONG by doing these 2 exercises every day…especially PRE crossfit.

2 exercises
PRE workout
ICE shoulders post workout
Supplement with cissus herbal joint tendon supplement

Band at shoulder height.
1. Arm straight out, thumb up, elbow straight, Extend outwards, from front to side (3×20 reps) you should keep your shpulder away from your ear and pulled back, and u will feel the burn in your rear shoulder) keep arm paralell to ground.

2. Elnbow bents like your waving hi…90 degree angle, palm forward. keep elbow shoulder level…pull band backwards like you’re throwing a ball behind you.

Optional: use lacrosse ball to roll out trigger points in your rear shoulder, while leaning against a wall….or the back of your shoulder blade.

Also lay on the floor and bend your elbows at 90 degrees and flip them up and down.

Buy purple resistance band

I told him that I tore my labrum a few years ago, and didn’t get surgery, he asked me if my bicep would tighten up, and I said no, he said GOOD (I think he wanted to know if its a SLAP tear and I don’t think it is…)
ANyways, I asked him if I needed SURGERY to continue doing crossfit, and he said NO….BUT I need to keep my ROTATOR CUFF STRONG by doing 2 exercises EVERY SINGLE DAY….ESPECIALLY BEFORE DOING CROSSFIT…
Also, it doesn’t hurt to
1.Ice my shoulders
2. take “cissus”