How can I FIX MY BAD SHOULDER??? – mobility

by kencrossfit

blogger named “k star”

shin splints? temporary fix –  tape up your legs like the girl from the fifth element.

do “toe ups” to permanently fix the shin splints


Stacey says that only the ketogenic diet really works for her – ketogenic diet – 30 grams carbs every day, and then for 24 hours, eat as many carbs as you want. this will SHOCK your body, by giving it lots of glycogen…The problem with strict paleo is that you lose MUSCLE…

Currently stacey is eating 100 grams of carbs every day…which is more of a paleo diet. 


Push Press is a press with a little hip action to help push the bar up

push jerk is a press where you jerk the bar up, and you DUCK UNDER it.


Momo’s meat market in Sacramento area….good paleo eats

ALL BUFFALO IS NATURALLY FREE RANGE AND GRASS FED…its the only way they can be kept anyway!