Personal Observation: I don’t NEED crossfit to be ripped

by kencrossfit

Mark Sisson says its good to FAST once in awhile…. ( but he recommends doing this in gradual steps, and he recommends doing it after trying the paleo diet for at least a month)

1. Skip a meal every now and then.

2. Fast for 24 hours every now and then

3. Fast for 36 hours if you’re up to the challenge…


I dont need crossfit to be ripped….as long as I do the following for the rest of my life:

  1. Buy a house with Corey, with a garage.
  2. Turn the garage into a crossfit style gym, equipped with an Olympic weight lifting bar, olympic rubber plates, an olympic platform, a few heavy kettle bells, a jump rope, and a pull up bar…maybe gymnastic rings
  3. Eat PALEO for LIFE (80% of the way you look and feel is based on what you EAT, and not how you exercise, or your genetics….furthermore, Mark Sisson says that 80% of that 80% is simply LIMITING CARB INTAKE) 
  4. Then have a simple workout routine that involves a lot of walking, hiking, *OLY lifting, **POWER lifting, and Calisthenics, and ample REST. ( Mark Sisson says that you should WALK and HIKE more than anything else when it comes to your workout routine….it helps you burn fat, and it helps you pack on muscle and connective joint tissue from the INSIDE OUT….) in other words, human beings have evolved to WALK all day on tough terrain….not designed for pumping iron constantly in a gym


Also, here is another epiphany…olympic lifting simulates a FIGHT….since it stimulates ALL YOUR MUSCLES in a SPLIT SECOND……..a snatch involves picking a weight off the ground and over your head.  This invovles your CNS, your legs, your core, your arms, your back, your neck…EVERYTHING is engaged as your body lifts this heavy object over your head…. reminmds of WRESTLING practice when EVERY MUSCLE IN YOUR BODY is helping you FIGHT a predator…




*OLY Lifting – Snatch, Clean and Jerk

**Power lifting – Deadlift, Squats, Bench press

Calisthenics – pushups, pullups, lunges, hand stands, hand stand pushups