My 2nd WOD with Whitney

by kencrossfit

100 Jumping Jacks
25 KB swings
20 pushups
shoulder mobility
put KB on your shoulder, make your shoulder 90 degree angle, then rotate your arm so
that each side of your hand hits the floor (do this about 20 times for each shoulder)

lie face first on the ground
lacross ball under your shoulder
have a friend push down and up on behind your shoulder
then for a minute or two,

move your hand as if you’re “waving” it from up top to down by your side.

then shake out your arms to loosen up your shoulders
pullups/ muscle ups and ring dips

Starting to take NUTRITION seriously…bought a shitload of supplements today

salmon oil capsules from trader joes

flaxseed oil from whole foods

magnesium/ calcium / vitamin d capsules from trader joes

lots and lots of sardines…

Paleo on a budget

Sardines in cans from TJ’s

Salmon in cans from Tj’s

tilapia from TJ’s

Turkey Burgers from TJ’s

lots and lots of frozen chicken and frozen turkey

NO BEEF…because grass fed beef is too fucking expensive!