Crossfit Green

by kencrossfit


you want to keep your HEELS PLANTED on the ground, and the OUTER edges of your feet on the ground.

Your big toe should be off the ground
your inner part of your feet off the ground…

Expand your knees OUTWARD as you go up, and inward as you go down..

dont have “lazy butt” syndrom where you get really low and just rest your butt…you have to keep your core ENGAGED AT ALL TIMES!!!
keep your lower back straight and “engaged”

stretch out your forearms

buy some CHUCK TAYLORS for squat days
BEND the bar as if you’re trying to SNAP it…

flexibility comes from DOING squats…


kettlebell swings
drive from the HIPS not your arms
keeps wrists LOCKED and STRAIGHT at the top of the movement (Dont let kettlebell fall over and hit your wrist, keep it STRAIGHT UP)
put hands on OUTER edges of the handle as you swing it up…as if you’re expanding a rubber band??

burpees, on your belly and jump your feet to where your hands were and CLAP


Coach was JOSH
british guy was TIM
kuro guy – EZRA
balding older guy – BILL